Samsung Entro Prepaid Phone (payLo by Virgin Mobile)

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Samsung Entro Prepaid Phone (payLo by Virgin Mobile)

Product ID: 537
Updated on: 01-Jan-2015
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Flip Phone
External Color Display
Talk & Text
Web Access
Voice-Activated Commands
Voicemail & Caller ID

Product Description
Product Description
Stay in contact while you're on the go with this PayLo by Virgin Mobile Samsung Entro mobile phone that offers up to 5 hours of talk time and features text messaging to help you keep in touch. Voice-activated commands allow easy hands-free operation.
Samsung Entro
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Samsung Entro
The Samsung Entro is an affordable flip phone that has everything talk and texters need to stay connected with a sharp color display, texting, speakerphone, and web access. The 1.7 inch screen has everything you need to see made clear in vivid color. With this flip phone get protection for your display from scrapes and scratches when carrying your phone around.

Other features include mobile web access so you can easily surf the web from anywhere. With GPS you will always know where you are going, and caller-id gives you the choice to either answer your phone or ignore. Dial numbers, access messages, and more through voice-activated commands.

Key Features

Flip Phone
External Color Display
Talk and Text
Web Access
Voice-Activated Commands
Voicemail and Caller ID
Main Display: 1.7" TFT
GPS Support
3.5 mm Headset Jack
HAC Rating: M3/T3
Vital Statistics

The Samsung Entro weighs 3.5 ounces and measures 3.77 x 1.88 x .75 inches. The 1000 mAh battery allows up to 4.5 hours of talk time and up to 20 days of standby time.

What's in the Box

Samsung Entro handset, battery, charger, and printed materials.

Virgin Mobile Prepaid Pricing

With Virgin Mobile's PayLo plans, you can pay only for the calling time you use. You can easily Top-Up your Virgin Mobile account right from your phone. First, buy a Top-Up card at one of the thousands of retailers that carry them; or register your debit card, credit card, or PayPal account at the Virgin Mobile USA web site in order to add minutes to your account directly from your phone.

Virgin Mobile customers have access to the Sprint Nationwide Network, reaching more than 278 million people across the United States (see a map of Virgin Mobile's coverage area).